What is a Web Directory for?

It may seem that the usefulness of the web directory does not go beyond helping users to obtain information about new pages to visit. However, it can be useful for more. It is not a determining factor for SEO , since Google does not consider too well the places destined only to link; but, if you enjoy a good structure and have a certain authority , you can transmit it through your backlinks.

In addition, these places help to give visibility to different websites. They are sites that pose a double help valid for both domestic users and for owners of web pages, so they are quite beneficial for the current digital ecosystem.

Examples of Web Directory
Currently there are many active web directories, focused on different topics, specialized and with many different styles. All share this function of linking and being useful to visitors, although some do it with greater or worse success than others.

In the next post you can see more than a dozen websites dedicated to this goal. Take a look below:

21 web directories to start your international backlink strategy.

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