For a website, web page, blog, web portal, web business, internet business … etc. The goal of capturing increasing visits and traffic is essential to be able to reach that audience what they are offering.The more people find us through the internet, the greater the possibilities of being able to transmit or offer what we have on our website. For example, if it is a virtual store, more people will be able to see, and in the best case, “buy”, the products that are offered there.

Therefore, it is necessary to capture more visits and for this purpose it is important to have a website appear in other pages of the web, so that other users can find and visit it. And in that is the goal of the process of registration in web directories , to send more visits to the websites that these directories contain. What web directories are web portals that are characterized by neat web pages and classify by categories. These directories are just many daily visits, these visits are transmitted to the websites that the same directory contains.

In addition to sending visits, web directories have special value for the main search engines. Enjoying a good popularity, which means that when a search engine finds the link of a website within a directory will give greater value to that website and this will be reflected in improving and increasing the popularity of that site, making that site web improve positions by climbing in the list of results of that search engine. It is therefore very important that a website be included in the most popular and top web directories of the network.

We refer to high in web directories , to the process by which using manual or automated techniques a website is added to a specific web directory. The registration in web directories can be divided into two procedures:

The first part is the shipping request high to a web directory . The applications are forms with which the directories count, normally they are titled like: “Add your web”, “Add your web”, “Send your web”, “Add your link” and other variants. Once in the form, you must fill in the fields that appear there. Usually we have the fields: title, description, category, email. Finally the form is submitted by the respective button, action which the sending of the application is terminated high to this web directory .

The second procedure is the part by which, the administrator or manager of the directory will evaluate and analyze the request for registration sent. According to the policies and rules of the Board, will accept the application, which will have successfully completed the process high in web directories , or otherwise reject the application with which our process will not complete successfully.

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