8 Tips for using online business directories effectively, according to Yellow Pages

As we have already commented in several posts , there are many advantages that can be derived from registering in online directories. The directories are perfect platforms that act as a meeting point between companies and customers, as well as from company to company, very interesting option when it comes to finding a supplier and / or distributor.

Not only will your business be able to increase visibility and improve its presence in search engines, but it will also be exposed to a high number of potential customers who really have a real purchase intention, generating high conversion rates.

Contrary to what can be believed, in addition, the cost of registering is relatively low, many of them being free but, logically, offering fewer services. In short, it is part of a strategy that can be profitable for all types of businesses.

What should I take into account to register in online business directories?

Plan a strategy It is essential that your business have clear and well-defined objectives, in order to plan the action taking into account the available means.
Always choose quality directories. A well-positioned directory that will inspire both the general public and Google will mean that your business will be better considered and positioned. In fact, not having this in mind can have very negative consequences for your business. Google, thanks to its Penguin algorithm, severely penalizes those directories that contain spam or link farms, relev√°ndolos to pages of very distant results.
Always keep in mind the territorial scope. Online directories gain a lot of weight locally. Depending on the type of sector and the directory, it is very common for one or several of the results of the first page of search engines to be a business registered within a directory. Remember that, moreover, the more they define the scope of the company, the more focused the action will be to the appropriate target.
Complete the file of your company with a lot of detail. Although it seems obvious, not including a piece of information can make the difference between a sale of your own and one for the competition. If the directory allows it, it includes location, logo and an attractive design. If you can, include multimedia material, such as videos explaining products or photos that offer more details. The brand image is essential.
Add product listings If you have an e-commerce, including products will improve both the sales opportunities and your visibility. Much of the volume of business in the directories is done through the B2B, in which large orders of high price are moved.
Includes links Whenever the directory allows it, including links that redirect traffic to landing pages that you control is highly beneficial for positioning and reputation.
Control the data you post A confused or distrustful user is an almost assured loss of sales. The quality directories will help you to promote coherence and cohesion in the data published on the Internet. Do not forget to apply this to any medium by which users can find you, both social networks and your own website.
Study the competence of your sector. Perform a search of keywords by which you can be located is mandatory to know your position as well as the competition. In addition, an analysis of it will allow you to know your strengths, weaknesses and what guidelines you can follow or avoid.

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