Why should small businesses register in online directories? Part 1


If you have a small business, with local projection, you must attack at that level in your advertising and digital marketing campaigns and, then, your competition is greatly reduced; Now you are just you with a few more businesses.
Let’s get in situation. You have a small business, of local scope and you want it to be successful. Competing with large companies in your same sector is not possible because you can not afford the costs of large advertising and marketing campaigns and, even if you did, that investment will not be justified with the return.

What can you do? Give up? Not at all. The key to success on the Internet is knowing what our area of influence is and working from there, no matter how specific .

If you have a small business with local projection you must attack at that level . If you look, the competition is much reduced, now you are just you with a few more businesses, so your presence can improve.

Now, I have to tell you about specific actions. I have already told you that a marketing strategy based on local SEO positioning is very convenient in these cases and when I mentioned it, I talked about the commercial directories.

What are commercial directories and company lists?
His name indicates it, they are portals that accumulate the whole offer, often filtered according to the place where it is, of available products and services.

For example, if you are in Barcelona, there are local directories with all the companies that live there; it would be what the yellow pages were in their time .

In general, these lists and directories of companies are usually free , that is, you can register the company, with the information you want and you do not have to pay anything for it. But there are also payment directories, usually a very small amount, because they offer other additional and parallel services: advertising to your target market, Email marketing , social media advertising, etc.

Many of these directories are highly consulted by Internet users, so they show benefits for the evolution of the presence of your business on the Internet .

Of all the directories and lists of companies, without a doubt, Google My Business is the best of all. The requirements are more complex than in other online directories of companies, but it is also true that your business, thanks to Google My Business, can appear in Google searches and in the map of your Google Maps area , quickly and without having to do nothing else on your part.

The benefit that you can bring the rest of the commercial directories on the Internet will depend on the search habits of your potential customers on the Internet. There are directories and lists of companies that many users visit when they search for a product or service; there you should also be present.

Benefits of registering in directories and lists of companies
First of all I want you to know that the registration in the lists and directories of companies is very simple , so the benefits are even more attractive. Let’s see some.

Improve your SEO Web positioning
This is one of the main reasons why you should be present in online directories. One of the most important missions for your SEO and SEO strategy is to gain links to your Web page.

When creating profiles in lists and local commercial directories you have the opportunity to add these links. If you notice, these Web sites, being of high importance in search engines, give authority to your Web page , which automatically translates into an improvement in the Web positioning in Internet search engines such as Google.

While you register your company in more websites, more links will be received by your website and that will favor you to climb positions in the search results.

It’s not all you can do, but it’s a good boost.

Free advertising
As I said before, it does not cost anything to register in the local directories and, in case someone checks the lists and sees the name of your company, you will be receiving advertising without paying anything.

My advice so that this benefit is even greater is that you know how to develop your profile in these lists “with an eye” ; Write an attractive presentation that arouses the interest of your potential clients.

Improve the visibility of your business
Realistically, having a Web page does not guarantee that your potential customers will find you on the Internet . Several months pass until you appear on the first page of the organic results, as in Google, and that only if you have known how to do things well.

As happens with paid ads in Web search engines , with registration in lists and directories of companies, users see you more.

In fact, I have always thought that appearing in a local online directory is very smart on our part, because when filters are applied, users only receive a few results from companies and among them will be yours.

If you have a good presence in directories of local companies, it is very possible that you can redirect traffic to your business website. In that sense, you not only have permanent links to your page, but real visits from potential buyers .

Ease to be found
It is a benefit that is there and that we do not always see, but if you appear in all the lists of local companies, you have many numbers to impact with your possible client ; No matter which page you access to find a nearby company, you will always be there.

It’s the same as what you do in your social media strategy ; The goal is to match your target market as many times as possible.

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