Why should small businesses register in online directories? Part 2

Greater probability of closing sales

If you look, in social networks users find your business by chance and do not always intend to buy. In business directories, the picture is very different.

For example, if a person takes the time to look for a website design studio in Terrassa in a directory or list of local companies in Terrassa, it is because he seriously thinks of hiring services of this type. Who finds us in these directories is a potential client that is studying the offers, a possible real sale.

Again I tell you, if you know how to stand out from the rest of the companies that appear in the online directory, the chances of success can be enormous.

Improve your reputation
Appearing in directories and local business lists helps the client see you as a serious option .

Many times, the big problem of small businesses is that they do not have a well-known brand and people hesitate to give it a try.

When these customers are able to associate your company to Web sites that they trust , such as an online directory or list of companies in a specific sector, then your reputation improves .

For example, if Google shows a search engine result with the name of your company, the user feels more secure making that first contact with your business. And that is maximized if you also get good reviews of your company by former customers.

Of course, in the case of Google it is necessary to stimulate the participation and valuation of your customers so that your business appears first and with good reviews .

Encourage other companies to find you
This is a somewhat abstract benefit, but there is a possibility that you will get it. Currently, small businesses make strategic alliances between them to grow.

If any business that complements yours is looking for some collaboration, it is very likely that you will find candidates in the directories and lists of companies.

No business should be closed to these probabilities, in fact, the construction of a network of contacts or Networking is one of the most positive strategies for all business of almost any commercial sector.

Believe me when I tell you that they are much more likely to be found in a directory or list of companies than in social networks or searching for results in Web search engines. And, in these lists and directories, the information is much better classified .

You can report your business
Talking about classification has made me think about this benefit. And it is that although search engines do everything possible to be indexed by what we offer, many times the client does not know very well what is the offer of our business.

With the classification and filters of the lists, it is much easier to give details of what we do . Obviously, what we write is the most important thing, but the sectors in which we decided to appear are already telling us what the offer is about.

In a list or directory of companies you will never be able to give as many details as in your Web page, but enough to attract them and take them to your Web page .

Consolidate your offline business
This is a benefit that very few take into account and that may be the most attractive. Imagine that you do not have a Web page, and yet you are the owner of a small business that has a physical store somewhere in the world.

Knowing that users prefer to use the Internet to search, you could sign up in the directories of local companies to invite users and potential customers to call you or go to your local.

For example, if you have a restaurant, you probably do not have a Web page, but you can use the lists of local companies so that your users can find you. Once again, it’s about matching where your customers are searching .

Improve the presence of your brand
In this case, it will depend on how you build your ad in lists. In general, the brand of a business is associated with a logo . If you include this in your profiles of the different directories, it is very likely that you will be recording that image in Internet users and potential clients.

At some point, when the client sees your company’s logo, they will associate it with what you offer.

Reflections on local commercial directories and lists
As you may have noticed, there are many benefits. It is a great opportunity for your business that perhaps you had not considered doing it.

To implement, the first thing is to look for the best online directories for your niche and start creating the profiles, but you can start with Google My Business because yes or yes you are interested.

As I have told you before, first of all, think carefully about what you are going to say and how you will express it in your advertisements. It is not about signing up to comply with the requirement; Your presence must be constant and consistent with your profiles in all media .

Also study how to classify your company. Remember that, according to the instructions you give, you will appear in the searches of the online directories of companies. If you do not find a category that satisfies your service completely, register it in the category that most resembles it.

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