What is a Web Directory?

A web directory, also known as a directory of links , is a place on the Internet where websites and places of the network are useful or interesting for certain audiences. In general, they are organized by categories to collect websites that are of interest in relation to different topics. All this in order to give visitors a useful compilation.

Something that, to make a comparison, could be compared with a traditional telephone directory. They can have different formats, since some can focus only on gathering and listing by topics, or also accompany with images from the websites, summarize their themes and specialties and even share special recommendations of some of them. The purpose, however, is always the same.

The web directories were born in order to help those users with the need to have access to specialized web pages, although many of them have ended up being link farms . In addition, they enjoy a collaborative spirit, encouraging visitors to propose new websites to add to their repositories to expand and be even more useful for those who browse.

There are several types: payment directories, free, by registration, reciprocal and by bids. Each of them depends on the payment model established and the need for visitors to register or not to access the links they provide. Although they always aim to help those who consult them.

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