Within the strategies of positioning SEO for companies, professional web directories play an important role in order to obtain advantaged positions in front of the competition. In addition to granting us greater visibility and traffic to the website, we have the possibility of advancing companies related to our sector in the main Internet search engines, which means an increase in conversion and the capture of a greater number of customers. potential

A large number of Internet users use internet directories to find companies that provide solutions to their needs, related to the consumption of products and services via online or offline. These directories have a good system for categorizing businesses according to sector, location, etc., which means the possibility of positioning ourselves on these platforms when users make inquiries in their own search engines. In addition, the professional web directories have sections to include reviews and comments, which enables the appearance of companies in prominent places when we get that the ratings are positive.

In addition to the visibility and web traffic generated towards the website of an online business, directories on the Internet significantly improve SEO positioning in relevant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. This is due to several factors, such as obtaining incoming links to our website or backlink. These links give us greater relevance and authority, especially when they come from recognized quality web directories and these include a business classification system related to our interests or even specialized directories in our own sector.

The possibility of having numerous inbound links to the most important web directories, translates not only into an improvement in the authority of our website , but also of positions in the search engines when a user makes inquiries regarding products or services of our sector. As it happens in SEO positioning for search engines, in professional web directories we will have to follow the same criteria, in relation to the choice of keywords and content provided in the business file of the directory in question.

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