Importance of Blog Directories and Articles for Web Positioning

Maybe some newbie asks: What are blog directories and articles and their importance for web positioning? Today not only tell you something about the subject but also I leave a list with several directories where you get a quality link to point to your website.

About its importance Google says that every day is less, it is also true that the Internet giant has never been 100% clear rules of the game and also behind the SEOs so we do things well and what works that work It is true that they are not as important as before, but today they are a fundamental part of web positioning.

What are Blog Directories and Articles?

These are websites where you have a record of many blog addresses and web pages grouped by themes, categories, etc. The article directories allow you to publish your entries and in exchange you get a link pointing to your blog or website. The vast majority of blog directories have a form that will ask you to register and accept your blog your personal information, email, description of the blog, some will ask you for phone number, geographical location and what they consider relevant according to the policy of said directory.

There are many that are paid, they require you to pay an amount of money to be included in them (it’s a way to sell you a link and it’s something we do not recommend). For our luck we have the opportunity to register for free in many of them.

If you really want to be successful with a blog whether it’s business or personal, you have to be present in these directories otherwise it will be very difficult to get good web positioning and see good results. The more directories you include in your blogs, the more visitors you will have secured, but since the effects are not automatic to obtain results, you have to be patient.

Blog Directories To Get Value Links For SEO

I leave you with a list of 20 blog directories where you can get a quality link for your website. I recommend not sending your blog the same day to all directories but rather little by little so as not to bother Google. You do not have to hurry, send your blog to one per day and while you continue writing original and quality content.

mportant Tips for Using Blog Directories

Important note that not only is sending your blog to different directories, but you must optimize your website and each entry to achieve better positioning. The constant update is a way to tell Google that your project is serious, so never stop publishing.

Meanwhile an important advice; flee from automatic programs that offer you insert in gazillion directories without effort, these techniques are penalized by search engines. It is much better that the process be manual and being very patient to be done without haste, not more than one per day.

By the way, any contribution of directories through your comments will be well received by everyone, while sharing the information on social networks and comments on this topic of the blog directories and their importance. I also recommend you see the following publications: 1- How to position a blog in the first place of Google? 2- How to write articles of easy positioning? Finally, do you think that currently the blog directories are still working and those that allow you to publish a post in exchange for a link? What is your opinion?

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