4 tips to increase traffic on your website

To get more traffic to your website without spending a lot of money, and that is what any Internet business strives to fulfill. In this article we will cover the basic knowledge, which will be followed with a more focused look at 4 basic tips to get traffic to your site.

Anonymous for many novice webmasters, there are some ways to attract more visitors to your website that do not require spending a large amount of cash. But consider the fact that it is not so simple and requires much more work on your part.

So, if you prefer to work to get more visits to your website, instead of paying for it, then here are some simple ways to achieve it:

Article Directories
Uploading articles to article directories is perhaps one of the most valuable ways to direct more visits to your website. By writing and uploading articles with themes associated with your website, you are almost sure that you will get more visits to your website for an extended period of time. Further,While your articles are kept in the directories, people can find you and the chances of receiving more visits can be more substantial. Some of the sites you should look for depend on the language of your blog and the language of the directory, search on Google use the word directory of articles and start with those with better Alexa ranking because they have more visits and those that have their categories topics that have relevance with your website.

Choose the article directories that allow you to place at least one link to your website and a good biography. To use article directories you should be able to write many original articles in a short time and upload them to as many directories as possible. It is one of the most recommended tactics but the work involved is quite heavy. And you will only notice the long-term effects and when you have many articles written in different directories.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a procedure that you apply to the pages of your website to increase the positioning within the search engines. The positioning in search engines is not difficult to learn and there are many software that help you make a good SEO work.

The first thing you must do is determine the meta tags (html tags that define the keywords of your website and determine the theme of your site), although today some webmaster take away the importance, this factor should not be ignored. Here are a few factors to prepare your meta tags:

a) Your domain should have keywords for your market niche
b) The title tag of each page should include the keyword.
c) Your keywords should be in the first paragraph of your page.
d) The image on the label that says “alt” should include the keyword.
e) The directories and file names of each page of your site should have your keywords.

Create a blog that has links back (backlinks) to your website. Blog like Blogger.com are quickly indexed by Google and other search engines. By updating your blog each time you are putting new content, the search engines will immediately use spiders to review it.

Putting your keywords in the content of your pages will help you increase your search engine rankings.

Putting a link in your blog that directs your visitors to your website to be indexed and your update registered more often.

Blogging is less painful and adds a lot of your web pages to your site in the search engines.
There are many places that allow you to have unlimited blog accounts, some are free like Blogger.com, another popular blog application is WordPress.com.

Writing or posting in forums relevant to your subject will give you the opportunity to put links, to your products and services in the signature of your posts, so that you have more visitors from the forum members and the search engines, who follow your links .

Make sure that the signature you post in the forums is memorable to magnetize readers and make them click on your related link to go to your website.

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