30 WordPress SEO tips to improve your rankings: Part 6 of 6

26. Create high quality backlinks
The backlinks are still one of the main factors to improve your web positioning. The more high quality links your site has, the better your chances of getting a high position. According to an investigation conducted by Matthew Barby , if a page has a greater number of backlinks, it will have a higher ranking in the search results.

Now, this is not a publication about the creation of backlinks, so it would be impossible to cover all the strategies in detail here. However, here are some methods that can help you generate quality backlinks for your site:

Create content with the skyscraper technique .
Search for broken backlinks .
Create content with the ego-bait technique .
Post as a guest on popular sites.
Create links by contacting other websites.
If you are interested in exploring the construction of backlinks even more, then review this resource:

How to get backlinks when you have a new site and do not have money
27. Do an SEO audit
If you are not sure that your site is optimized correctly, you can perform an SEO audit. But, instead of following each step yourself, you can use an SEO audit tool. These tools will check your site through a series of controls, and you’ll get a report that tells you what you’re doing right and the things you can do better.

SEOSiteCheckup is a free tool that will analyze more than 50 different on-site classification factors and let you know the performance of your site. You can also use the Varvy SEO tool , which will see how well your site is aligned with the Google guidelines.

28. Monitor your profile of backlinks
By monitoring your backlinks profile, you can see if your external SEO efforts are improving. Backlinks are one of the most important web positioning factors, so it’s something you’ll want to check frequently.

Seeing an upward trend in the number of sites that link with you over time is a good sign. But remember that not only does the number of backlinks matter, but also the quality and relevance of these links. The more authority and relevance the sites that link with you, the better.

There are a lot of different tools that will help you monitor your backlinks. One of the most used is Ahrefs . This tool will give you a detailed breakdown of the number of sites that link with you, the quality of these sites, the number of reference domains and much more. It is a premium tool, but the information you will obtain will be invaluable.

If you are looking for a free option, then the SEOProfiler tool could be a good option. Simply create an account and you can get a detailed backlinks report for the entire site and per page.

29. Force Google to crawl your site
Usually, your site is tracked by the frequency with which you post new content. However, there is a solution that will make Google index your content immediately.

Open Google Search Console, go Crawl and click Fetch as Google . Enter the URL of the post you just published or update and click on ‘ FETCH ‘.

Then, click on ‘ Request Indexing ‘ and your new URL will be indexed by Google. Sometimes, this will not happen instantly, but it will be much faster than waiting for Google to crawl your site.

30. Choose long-tail keywords
Depending on your niche, positioning yourself at the top of Google for the main keywords can be really difficult. Many of them are conquered by veteran pages with content that has been worked and perfected for a long time. Not to mention a great profile of backlinks that help them.

In such cases, you’ll have to be creative and start earning positions with less important but very specific keywords. They are often referred to as long tail keywords. For example, try brainstorming what a potential visitor might look for before buying a product. Then use a tool like KWFinder to get a rough estimate of the difficulty and the search volume. Make a list of the options that could generate the most potential and publish your page by applying all the WordPress SEO suggestions mentioned above. This will bring a constant flow of relevant traffic to your website.

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